Suddenly today a email popup to enter the year end Performance ratings. My Gosh the time flew like anything… Here are some updates both professional and personal.

  1. As usual no promotion work wise. Not that i was expecting but still in subconsicous mind i still had hope that promotion is due… Hoping 2019 will be better.
  2. I was looking out for job and got one…god interview, good package and i rejected it because it was too far to commute daily. Need to work on this part in 2019 now.
  3. Workwise it was challenging , people here kept changing goals saying its easy and i was over burdened with no conclusive output. Thankfully some thing worked ou on Project Argo – PDDA part i am saved.
  4. This doesnt mean that Boss is happy, instead back with vengeance and new demanding project at year end.
  5. No new learnings in my skill set. Need to seriously work on this.. though i tried learning NMR and tagging this year..
  6. Trip to USA
  7. Not allowing Nidhi to go to Dubai with inlaws and spending time with her– cherishing the moments
  8. Got my bedroom back and laptop for watching fav tv shows only internet connection pending now.
  9. Impressions made sale of 5500 this diwali with almost 32% profit– could be another profession or should i take this seriously.
  10. Tried hand at reselling and was seriously dud in that not a single product sold… 🙂
  11. Finally Baroda Home on rent …


I knew something was brewing up.. i could sense that in air.. how ever he environment was very tight lipped. But on the way to Ganpati, i came to know that these people are planning a trip to Dubai in Nov .. which is like a 2 months from now.

Was this  secret trip..? They wish to take Nidhi with them.. I am bit reluctant to send Nidhi along with them.. for numerous reason.

  1. Nidhi is my child.. why should i send her overseas with her grandparents to some relatives house when both her parents are enough capable of taking her to vacation.
  2. What if they never comeback?
  3. Will anyone send their only child with grandparents to some relatives house for 10 days for vacation without either of parents.
  4. How does Hubby agree to all this or is he involved in this as well.
  5. when my parents begged him to come to USA, he was adamant then why now hes having a soft corner.
  6. when my relation ship is strained with  in laws and hubby why they want to take my daughter to Dubai for vacation at their expense.
  7. Will Ashish send Sim-ran to Dubai with her grandparents when he doesn’t even send her to stay for Diwali vacation in Mumbai itself. Doesn’t look good on parents side to send your own daughter to Dubai for vacation.
  8. Every time my MIL has a problem that Shes has sole responsibility of my child and i dont take care of her.. now its opportunity to be close to Nidhi. she wants a upper hand or she is worried what if i came close to Nidhi and her importance will be faded.





So finally deciding to quit my current job due to frustration and no growth prospectus.. i decided to update my resume and got a call from J&J. which is a competitor for my current industry. The role looked appealing and i decided to apply. I got a call from HR manager to confirm interview on Monday…

I prepared to the best of knowledge.. ON the day of Interview since my dads operation was also planned the same day, i decided to leave early.. The interview was scheduled at 12 in noon and i reached the place at approx 10.30. So i decided to spend time in a mall and cool my nerves. Time seemed to have stopped. Two trips down the lane of mall and  the clock showed 5 mins.Nervously i wandered from one shop to another…

Finally at around 11.0 i got off from the mall and got the rick for J&J. Praying the interview should go well. I wasn’t expecting any positive out come but still very nervous as I am giving technical interview after a long time and J&J is known for tough interviews. I reached the main gate and was asked to wait for the gate pass. After some time i was called by security person for making entry and issuing gate pass. The moment i made entry, the guard smiled and said .. some one from HUL has also come for the interview. My heart skipped a beat. He then said some guy name Pawar.. some Suhas or something… now my heart was beating like a drum now… I knew there is no Suhas in R&D.. i know most of the people here… somehow i mustered courage and asked him to check whether it was Vikas or Suhas..

Reluctantly he checked and confirmed that it was Vikas,,… my boss in HUL. I was nervous what would happen now. I cannot run away neither can i face him now… how much time should i wait at the gate… for him to leave and then enter.. god knows..

But the security was not allowing me to stand at gate after making entry.. so i had no option left.. but to go to reception. I had to put a brave face.. ( God knows from where i will bring strength !!!). Somehow when i made entry to reception – my boss called me.. and i smiled. He looked equally shocked as me..I got the seat next to him as we were waiting for the call. His interview was scheduled at 11.30 and mine was 12.00.. ( Stupid HR person… She didnt even realize we work in same team… idiot i cursed in my mind..)

we wished each other best luck as he was called for interview. His unterview lasted for 20 mins or so and then he left again mouthing.. best luck to me..

I flared interview well. It was ok types. their requirement seemed more of Pharma candidate than the FMCG one.My core area was different than their expectation. Theirs is GMP and 21 CFR complaint plant and manufacturing unit. which i dont have experience in… so its long shot…

But it was the most embarrassing situation and day of my life..





And i am upset again.. this time with hubby again.. it happened that my MIL s Bday is coming on 3rd Sep..and he is has asked me to book a saragama caravan – a preloaded bluetooth speaker .. I have been bragging for TV for 3 years now to deaf years he doesnt seem to consider or forget even listen about complaints..

The moment MIL demands something he is all ears has money to spend and ready…

I am upset all this years i have been asking for TV with no heed i feel so humiliated, so no loved and frustrating…



लेफ्टनंट कमांडर अभिजीत गरुड यांचं साहस चर्चेचा विषय आहे. चक्क छतावर हेलिकॉप्टर उतरवून त्यांनी अनेक जणांचे प्राण वाचवलेत. कुटुंबातूनच वैमानिकाचा वारसा लाभलेल्या अभिजीत यांची केरळमधील ‘गरुड’ भरारी कौतुकास्पद आहे.

७ ऑगस्ट… चालाकुडी गावाला पुराच्या पाण्याने वेढा घातला होता. हेलिकॉप्टर हेच बचावाचं एकमेव साधन राहिलं होतं… नेव्हीच्या अधिकाऱ्यांनी हेलिकॉप्टर घेऊन या गावात बचावकार्याला सुरूवात केली… वैमानिक लेफ्टनंट कमांडर अभिजीत गरूड सारथ्य करत असलेल्या नेव्हीच्या बी ४२ या हेलिकॉप्टरच्या चमूला पूरग्रस्त भागात जेमिनी बोटी टाकण्याची जबाबदारी देण्यात आली होती. आठ बोटी पाण्यात टाकल्यावर हेलिकॉप्टर चमूने इतरांना एअरलिफ्ट करायला सुरूवात केली. त्याचवेळी त्यांनी एका घराच्या गच्चीत काही वृद्ध माणसं दिसली. त्यातल्या चौघांना एअरलिफ्ट करण्यात आलं. त्यानंतर उरलेल्या २२ जणांना घेण्यासाठी आणखी खाली उतरण्याचा निर्णय घेण्यात आला… या २२ जणातल्या उरलेल्यांना उचलण्यासाठी हेलिकॉप्टर अखेर घराच्या गच्चीवर अतिशय जवळ तब्बल ८ मिनिटं नेण्यात आलं. मात्र एका क्षणी हे हेलिकॉप्टर गच्चीला अक्षरशः टेकवलं होतं… कोणत्याही वैमानिकासाठी हा सर्वात कठीण क्षण… लेफ्टनंट कमांडर अभिजीत गरूड यांनी हे आव्हान पेललं…. हेलिकॉप्टर अवघ्या ३ सेकंदांसाठी त्यांनी गच्चीवर टेकवलं आणि चमूने तेवढ्या काळात उरलेल्यांना हेलिकॉप्टरमध्ये घेतलं.

चाकांवर भार देऊन हेलिकॉप्टर गच्चीत उतरवणं गरजेचं होतं… गच्चीवर भार दिला असता तर गच्ची कोसळली असती. हेलिकॉप्टरचे तुकडे तुकडे होण्यासाठी अवघे तीन ते चार सेकंदही पुरले असते. हा खूप कठीण कॉल होता. पण मी तो घेतला याचा मला अभिमान आहे. अशी प्रतिक्रिया लेफ्टनंट कमांडर अभिजीत गरूड यांनी दिली. वैमानिकाचा योग्य अंदाज, आणि अचूक हवाई निर्णय क्षमतेचं हे उदाहरण मानलं जातंय. लेफ्टनंट कमांडर अभिजीत गरूड, सहवैमानिक लेफ्टनंट कमांडर रजनीश, नॅव्हीगेटर लेफ्टनंट सत्यरथ, विंच ऑपरेटर अजित आणि फ्री डायव्हर राजन यांनी जीव धोक्यात घालून हे मिशन यशस्वी करत २६ जणांचे प्राण काही सेकंदात वाचवले… कोणत्याही भारतीयाचा ऊर अभिमानाने भरून यावा अशीच ही कामगिरी.


How does that brand name look like ..does it tell about the product does it look like a luxurious?? will people relate to it…???

well I am talking about my new hobby of soap making..boosting some of the interesting ideas…



goat milk and glycerine based soap with rose fragrance….pretty heart shaped soap ..

#soap2: goat milk based with rose petals and rose fragrance.


#soap 3

made glycerine based soap with loofah….as exfoliating soap….on bright Colors and fragrance …