Last Day of Boss…

So its a last day of my Boss in HUL.. i feel like a lost sheep today.Abandoned today. We worked togetehr since the day i joined in this team and bonded very well with Boss. He is super supportive guy and helped sail smoothly in past 5 years .Also helped me get promotion. Thansk to him i have worked in this madness for 5 years.

I will definitely miss him… hope so he remains in touch..



#Broken Hearts

Its Valentine week .. and its driving me crazy. I just hope it passes out quickly. I think i am hallucinating and sulking the whole week. Deep down i know more than 22 years have passed and more so even if anyone wants to return rightfully should have returned by now.. I am a closed chapter. But still i keep praying for him, waiting for him to sweep me off again as in college days. So Stupid of me.

Today a common friend shared his pic with wife. He is in Brisbane thats all i know. He looked so happy so radiant basking in sun. Is it true I am a closed chapter… then why does he every time calls and inquire about me. Is it guilt ? Does he think he has done something wrong or regretting his decision or plain jealous. I find it difficult to move on with hope that one day he will remorseful asking for forgiveness. What will be my decision then? I day dream a lot about him. I know the decision cannot be reversed now but is it guilt or fear or something else..

Wishing him all the love and success in this world. Happy Valentines Day Love…

#Bankrupt – Ravi Subramanian #Bookreads

Ravi Subramanian’s novels deviate significantly from thrillers written by other Indian authors with their settings as the dingy ghettos of Mumbai and Delhi. The author loves his criminals to be high profile bankers, well qualified company executives, first time entrepreneurs, top class academicians. His characters are not the shabby looking, smutty clothed, knife wielding bastards left on the streets by their uncaring fathers; they are men of resources, most of them young, ambitious, shrewd and without any scruples. They sit in swanky offices of international banks, hallowed halls of research institutes, top class MNC companies and have lust and greed as their key motivators. Quite in keeping with an international style of thriller writing, the narrative is closely plotted and action packed, his characters moving in and out of the frame without a barb. From an earlier review of mine: Ravi writes without curlicues, he cuts to the chase without wasting time on unnecessary descriptions. His women are just described as beautiful (imagine what you want!), his men are, well, just people with different names. The blurb claims that this book is his ‘most shocking and adrenalin packed novel ever’, and I totally agree with that. It is unputdownable and for sure a ‘pacy’ read.

Aditya is an investment banker working for Greater Boston Global Bank, Mumbai. He loves risks and lusts after easy money. His opportunity comes wrapped in an offer from Step Up Shoes which is looking for a foreign buyer to sell its family owned business. Aditya beefs up valuations of this company and sells it to Boston based Snuggles Inc. While he is busy stashing his commission in an account away from India, his wife, Cirisha, a top researcher at MIT, finds out about how Step Up Shoes (now a part of Snuggles Inc.) is getting its shoes manufactured in factories near Dharavi, Mumbai, employing under age workers. In what starts as an email exchange with the Board of Snuggles Inc. in the US (through a close friend) will eventually open layers upon layers of unaccounted monies, commissions, corruption and white collared scams. Will Aditya survive the threat to his job and his personal life? Will Cirisha emerge a winner in her fight against these modern day ‘scamsters’ or perish in the end?

Running parallel to this story, Cirisha and her team at MIT is also fighting the findings of a research by a senior academic, James Deahl, who says guns should not be banned in the US. The research has been covertly commissioned by NRA, the US gun lobby and seeks to validate carrying of guns by every individual. In this instance, this sort of reinforces the underlying theme of the book. You can talk about gun crimes, even have the politicians (read: Republicans and the Democrats) debate about it for ages, put people behind bars, but what about white collared criminals? Seen anyone getting fined for cheating? Weren’t we cheated out of millions of dollars (rupees or whatever) when mortgage based securities market crashed the world over? Were these not bad decisions by bankers everywhere across the world that cost millions of people their jobs and careers? Seen anyone ever getting punished for the bad decisions made prior to 2008 or even post 2008?

I loved this novel and would strongly recommend this to all thriller aficionados. Next for me, Devil in Pinstripes.

#the Mother I Never Knew- Sudha Murthy #bookreads

Now this one is getting is like getting hooked to an author. I downloaded this book from Kindle.Much to amazement after reading two of her novels. The book is fiction and possible 4 th book from Sudha Murthy.

The Mother I never knew consists of 2 novels set in different protagonist. Venkatesh- a bank manager with modest income and a high flying ambitious wife. Venkatesh is transferred to Hubli a small town where is stumbles upon his lookalike. Curious about the lookalike he decides to find out the reason for similarity between them. ON probing, he discovers his fathers hidden past, a abandoned wife and child. Venkatesh is determined to help his step mother and step brother with help of his daughter.

The other Novel is about Mukesh- who learns hes adopted on his fathers death. Shocked he decides to trace his biological mother and travels through the country. the more he decides to know about his past, manysecrets are revealed. Confused Mukesh is on the roads where his loyalties should be – the mother who gave birth or Mother who brought him up?

Overall the plot is good for one time reading. The language is simple and flowing. However there is too much of drama and dialogues in the book which seem unnecessary and repetitive. Overall a good book for reading once.





#Three Thousand Stitches- Sudha Murthy

I picked this up for reading on the recommendation of a friend. What an awesome, inspiring story!

Driven by a strong conviction to making a difference in the lives of Devadasis in Karnataka, Sudha Murty embarks on her mission. Initially she is spurned and insulted. Undeterred by these setbacks, she changes her approach, perseveres and earns the trust of the Devadasis. Slowly, and surely the changes occur at the grassroots. The women march towards a sense of financial independence by starting a bank, and send the children to be educated.

The highlight of this inspiring story is the straight-from-the-heart storytelling style of Sudha Murty. No attempt at weaving together complex and pretentious sentences. Just simple and effective storytelling! I love this! Must read her other books!

Buy this book and read it! You will not be disappointed!

# Rule Breakers – Preeti Shenoy # Book reads

There are two kinds of people in this world—those who follow the rules and those who do not think twice about breaking them.

It’s the mid-’90s.Veda is the eldest siblings of 5 in Joshimath situated at foothills of Himalaya. Veda is abright student and loved by her teachers. She aims to complete her graduation and become a teacher. Her family is conservative and believes girls should be married earlier. Veda bows to her family wishes and gets married off at 20. Forced to leave behind the idyllic lifestyle in foothills of Himalaya, her beloved sister and new found friend and love – Suraj, her ambitions- Veda moves to bustling city Pune. Veda tries to adjust in her new found home, her indifferent MIL and husband. She finds that shes losing the meaning of life. Surrounded by negativity Veda starts writing letters to her sister Vidya and Suraj. The constant correspondence between them are worth reading.

Veda also finds a NGO -Sankalp which helps under privileged children in their stidues and starts working as Assistant Teacher and finally as Teacher. The exchanges between the children, Ron and Veda are delight to read. Torn between the rule followers and the rule breakers, will Veda be able to soar and follow her dreams is worth reading.

some of the monologues in the book are worth highlighting like : There are two kinds of people in this world—those who follow the rules and those who do not think twice about breaking them.

Firstly, the way the plot opens up is just beautiful. Every little thing has been described intricately. The characters have been built in detail and it’s those details that kept me hooked to the book. The plot of the book has been laid down in a way that will never make the reader want to leave the story even for a second. The way Preeti has weaved the social issues of India along with the story is admirable. Letters have been used as a way of communication and story telling which was new. The story line is gripping.  The social issues like poverty and illiteracy, marriage at an early age, homosexuality, women empowerment etc have been explored very well. I never wanted the book to end to be honest but it did and when it did, it felt complete. At the end, if anything, I will say that this book certainly left me empowered and happy because Preeti Shenoy never disappoints.



#Ransom – Danielle Steel # Book reads

Outside the gates of a California prison, Peter Morgan is released after four long years and vows to redeem himself in the eyes of the young daughters he left behind. Simultaneously, Carl Waters, a convicted murderer, is set on the path of freedom with him. That night, three hundred miles south in San Francisco, police detective Ted Lee comes home to a silent house; for twenty-nine years, he has been living for his job–and slowly falling out of love with his wife. Across town, in an exclusive Pacific Heights neighborhood, a mother tries to shield her three children from the panic rising within her. Four months after her husband’s death, Fernanda Barnes faces a mountain of debt she cannot repay, a world destroyed, and a marriage lost.

Within weeks, the lives of these four people collides in ways none of them could have foreseen. For Fernanda, whose life had once been graced by beautiful homes, security, success, and stunning wealth, the death of her brilliant, brooding husband was already too much to bear. She simply couldn’t imagine a greater loss, until a devastating crime rocks her family to its core which brings Detective Ted Lee into her life.

A man of unshakable integrity, Lee will soon become the one person who tries to save Fernanda’s family from a terrifying fate. Fernanda must draw on a strength she never knew she had. Racing against time in the underbelly of the criminal world, buffeted by the dark side of power, and unmoored by loss and betrayal, no one can predict where this tragedy will take them.

Danielle Steel brilliantly explores the collision of a shocking crime with the ordinary lives of its victims in a novel that mesmerizes from start to finish. Ransom is at once a riveting evocation of life’s inexplicable turns of fate and a testament to the human will to survive.

Daniel Steel yet puts up another interesting novel which is hard to put down. The only con is some passage keep on repeating itself sometimes in the same paragraph which is bit irritating some time.